Former Games

Former Games

This is a set of screenshots, organized by platforms, for games that I no longer own. In the case of digital cames, this is usually a "soft" disown, in that I have decided I no longer wish to consider the game part of my collection.

These can be listed for a variety of reasons. In some cases, the game is fine but just not worth the time among a crowded gaming landscape. In other cases, of course, I actively dislike the game. In yet other cases, I have decided a particular platform is not worth keeping due to low interest, or re-purchased content on other platforms. In the last case, I usually have a sub-category for games I "still like", which are usually re-purchased on other platforms when available. Those that are re-purchased (or are extremly redundant with their sequels) are in a "Replaced" folder instead.

There is also a flat list of all games, by name.