Zork Anthology


Platform: DOS [GOG]
1 Player
Developer: Activision
Publisher: Infocom, Inc.
Genre: Adventure, Compilation
Released: 1994
Country of Origin: USA

Released just after the 1994 Return to Zork, this was a compilation CD of all previous Zork games, including Zork I, Zork II, Zork III, Beyond Zork, Zork Zero and as an added bonus, Planetfall. The games are all interactive fiction text games, with the exception of Zork Zero which does include a few graphics.

Several versions of The Zork Anthology were also shrinkwrapped along with Return to Zork and sold together.



Included Media: None
Rating: Everyone 10+
Series: Zork
Added: 2014-11-09
Region: North America
Resolutions: 640x200, Dos Text Mode
Save Method: System

Play Status/History

Progress: Incomplete
Queue: Not Queued

Games Included

Zork 1: The Great Underground Empire (Zork Anthology)
Infocom, Inc.
Zork 3: The Dungeon Master (Zork Anthology)
Infocom, Inc.
Zork 2: The Wizard of Frobozz (Zork Anthology)
Infocom, Inc.
Zork Zero: The Revenge of Megaboz (Zork Anthology)
Infocom, Inc.
Beyond Zork (Zork Anthology)
Infocom, Inc.
Planetfall (Zork Anthology)
Infocom, Inc.