Turrican Anthology Vol 1


Platform: PlayStation 4 [Bookcase]
1 Player
Developer: Factor 5
Publisher: United Games Entertainment
Genre: Platformer, Compilation, Shooter
Released: 29/07/2022
Country of Origin: Germany

The Turrican series was created by Factor 5 back in 1990. The first two games in this collection, Turrican and Turrican 2, were released on the Amiga and started the legacy of the well-known series. A must-play for any retro game fan! Super Turrican followed in 1992 and developed some key features of the series. Players can now also check out the Super Turrican Director’s Cut which adds new content with the extension of an existing stage and the addition of one completely new extra level. As last entry in the Turrican Anthology Vol. 1, the new Mega Turrican Score Attack comes with an extra level completing this full action-packed Turrican experience!

The sensational Turrican series was celebrated as a ground-breaking video game series, mixing exploration with non-stop action, and one of video game's finest soundtracks by legendary German composer Chris Huelsbeck.



Included Media: Box, Manual
Rating: Everyone 10+
Series: Turrican
Added: 2022-08-21
Region: Europe
Resolutions: 1920x1080, 1280x720
Save Method: System

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Games Included

Turrican II: The Final Fight (Turrican Anthology Vol 1)
Factor 5
Turrican (Turrican Anthology Vol 1)
Factor 5
Super Turrican (Turrican Anthology Vol 1)
Factor 5
Super Turrican Director's Cut (Turrican Anthology Vol 1)
Factor 5
Mega Turrican Score Attack (Turrican Anthology Vol 1)
Factor 5