Towerfall Ascension


Platform: Linux 3.x [GOG]
4 Players
Single Screen, Competative, Co-op
Rating:★★★★☆ (Single) ★★★★★ (Multi)
Dev/Pub: Matt Makes Games
Genre: Platformer, Action
Released: 11/03/2014
Country of Origin: Canada

TowerFall Ascension is an updated release of the arrow-based single-screen arena fighting game TowerFall. It builds upon the original game with a new cooperative quest mode for one or two players. Played in a normal or a hardcore difficulty mode, it offers different levels selected from a large map where different types of enemies need to be killed in multiple rounds to progress.

For the standard versus battles the game adds 50 new maps, making it 120 maps in total. While playing four additional stages can be unlocked (Ascension, Moonstone, Sunken City and Towerforge). In addition to the four existing characters four new ones can be unlocked: Ancien Exile, Fogotten Master, Prancing Puppet and Vicious Vessel. There are also seven hidden triangles to collect in the Trial mode. The amount of match modifiers has been expanded to 67 and there are new power-ups such as drill arrows that burrow through walls and can hit opponents on the other side.



Included Media: Stickers
Rating: Everyone
Added: 2014-06-07
Region: Universal
Resolutions: 320x240
Hardware Support: SDL2 Joystick
Save Method: System

Expansion is only on GOG version

To add additional gamepads, they need to be added to gamecontrollerdb.txt. My latest copy is stored in the config folder in NextCloud. Most information can be found at the Arch Wiki, but the core details are reproduced as follows.

  1. Download the SDL2 source package:

    $ apt-get source libsdl2
  2. Build and run the controllermap test tool:

    $ cd test
    $ ./configure
    $ make -j 4
    $ ./controllermap 0
  3. Take the output line and add to gamecontrollerdb.txt, being sure to add the platform to the end. Running gamecontrollermap without arguments lists all available gamepads.

A good starting point for the gamepad database can be found at the SDL_GameControllerDB page on Github.

The Steam Big Picture controller configuration can also be used. If using this method, the result will be at ~/.steam/steam/config/config.vdf, under SDL_GamepadBind.

This process may also be used for other SDL2 games. Note that it also appears installing the libsdl2-dev package will also install the controller map tool to /usr/lib/$ARCH/installed-tests/SDL2/.

Individual controller lines can also be specified as environment variables (i.e. for Devterm):

$ export SDL_GAMECONTROLLERCONFIG="03000000af1e00002400000010010000,ClockworkPI DevTerm,platform:Linux,a:b2,b:b1,x:b3,y:b0,leftx:a0,lefty:a1,"

Play Status/History

Progress: Almost Complete
Queue: Multiplayer