Tempest X₃


Platform: PlayStation [Bookcase]
2 Players
Competative, Split Screen
Rating:★★★★ (Single) ★★★☆ (Multi)
Developer: High Voltage Software
Publisher: Interplay
Genre: Action
Released: 1996
Country of Origin: USA

Tempest X3 is a modern-day update to the original arcade game, Tempest. This game features three modes called Classic Tempest, Tempest X3, and Tempest Duel. Classic Tempest is the original arcade hit. Tempest Duel faces you off against a second player. Tempest X3 is an upgrade to the original featuring enhanced visuals, more enemies, an AI droid, jumping ability, and a modern soundtrack. The X3 mode is very similar to Tempest 2000, but with improved speed, visual effects, and a remixed soundtrack



Included Media: Box, Manual
Rating: Everyone
Series: Tempest
Added: 2016-09-27
Region: North America
Resolutions: 240p
Hardware Support: Mouse, NeGcon
Save Method: Memory Card

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