Team Fortress Classic


Platform: Windows 4.x/9x [Half-Life Platinum Collection]
32 Players
Online, LAN, Team, Competative
Rating:? (Single) ★★★★ (Multi)
Developer: Valve
Publisher: Sierra
Genre: First Person, Shooter
Released: 1999

Team Fortress Classic is a team-based, multiplayer first-person shooter with nine distinct classes, each with their own abilities and weapons. Most of the matches consist of Capture the Flag-type maps, along with variations such as Assassination/Escort, Territory Control, and more.

Each player is armed with a melee weapon, a couple of firearms and one or two types of grenades. The exact choice of weapons depends on the class chosen. The chosen class also affects walking speed, maximum armor and health, and some special abilities.

The nine classes are:

Scout - the fastest class, but weakest in combat. The scout is armed with a shotgun, a nail gun and a crowbar, as well as concussion and caltrop grenades. The scout's role is typically to capture the flag and run away quickly while dodging enemy fire.

Sniper - exactly what it says on the tin, the sniper's role is to stand in one spot and shoot enemies with his sniper rifle. He also has an automatic rifle, a nailgun and a crowbar, as well as hand grenades in case he needs to defend himself.

Soldier - armed with two shotguns, a crowbar, hand grenades, a nail grenade, and - most importantly - a rocket launcher. The soldier's role is obviously combat, both in offense and defense. He is skilled at making very high "rocket jumps" with his launcher.

Medic - apart from healing his teammates with a medikit, the medic can also infect enemies with contagious disease. The medic also automatically recovers his hit points. While not much of a fighter, he is armed with two shotguns, a nailgun, and hand and concussion grenades.

Heavy Weapons Guy - wielding a gigantic chaingun, the HWG is very slow (especially when firing), but has very high offensive ability and is very tough to kill. He's also armed with two shotguns, a crowbar, some hand grenades and a destructive MIRV grenade.

Demoman - he likes things that go boom, so he wields a destructive grenade launcher, as well as a pipebomb launcher (and also a shotgun, a crowbar and some hand and MIRV grenades). The demoman can also set up high-explosive charges - detpacks, which can destroy certain elements of environment on some maps.

Pyro - armed with a flamethrower and an incendiary missile launcher (as well as a shotgun, a crowbar and hand and napalm grenades), the pyro's role is to spread chaos and confusion by running around quickly and setting enemies on fire.

Spy - he has the ability to disguise himself as an enemy teammate, as well as feign death. He's armed with a tranquilizer gun which slows down its targets, a shotgun, a nailgun, a knife (good for backstabs) and some hand and hallucination grenades.

Engineer - his specialty is building stuff: namely, sentry guns, ammunition dispensers and teleporters. He can also restore his teammates' armor with his wrench (also used for upgrading/repairing his constructions). He also carries a railgun, a shotgun and some hand and EMP grenades.

The game started as a modification for Quake, but was later adapted to the engine of Half-Life, originally based on the first Quake engine. Later, it was offered as a stand-alone title.



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Region: North America

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