Platform: Windows 8-10 [Steam]
4 Players
Online, Co-op
Rating:★★★★ (Single) ★★★★☆ (Multi)
Developer: Pavel Zagrebelnyj
Publisher: Oovee
Genre: Simulation
Released: 12/06/2014
Country of Origin: Russia

Take responsibility of operating large all-terrain Soviet vehicles and venture across the rugged landscapes with only a map and compass to guide you. Explore the levels and unlock portions of the map whilst discovering new trucks, fuelling stations, garages and lumber mills.



Included Media: None
Rating: Everyone
Added: 2015-01-19
Region: Universal
Resolutions: Any
Hardware Support: XInput Joystick, Force Feedback Wheel, HID Joystick
Save Method: System

Play Status/History

Progress: Incomplete
Queue: Online Multiplayer