Spelunx and the Caves of Mr. Seudo


Platform: Windows 4.x/9x [Steam]
1 Player
Dev/Pub: Cyan Worlds
Genre: Adventure
Released: 21/09/2006
Country of Origin: USA

Professor Spelunx and Mr. Seudo are studying Planet X, a place full of mystery and adventure. There's a surprise around every turn, a huge world to explore and dozens of mini-games to enjoy. Spelunx and the Caves of Mr. Seudo is an educational title for elementary and middle school kids, but the learning is so cleverly hidden in the enchanting gameplay that even adults will find something to enjoy in this early gem from the creators of Myst.

Spelunx is an educational game cleverly disguised as an exploration in a cave. The cave contains many toys, games, and activities that are fun to play with but also happen to teach principles of math, biology, physics, etc.



Included Media: None
Rating: Everyone
Added: 2021-02-07
Region: Universal
Resolutions: 512x342
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