Rendering Ranger R2


Platform: Super Nintendo Entertainment System [Bookcase]
1 Player
Developer: Rainbow Arts
Publisher: Limited Run Games, Ziggurat
Genre: Shooter, Platformer
Released: 1995
Country of Origin: Germany

Multidirectionally scrolling action shooter. The main character runs through science fiction scenarios blasting away everything that moves. Starting with only a single shot, 5 different upgradable weapon systems can be collected as extras. Upon death, the last activated system loses one increment of its current upgrade status, but can be refueled by additional extras collected. Every weapon has also a massive 'smart' bomb feature, wiping out mostly everything on screen at once if invoked. There are also some R-Type style space shooter levels thrown in for good measurement. Very arcady with tons of action. Several boss monsters per level. Level progress is saved via password feature.



Included Media: Box, Manual
Rating: Everyone 10+
Added: 2024-02-03
Region: North America
Resolutions: 240p
Save Method: Passwords

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