Ninja JaJaMaru: The Great Yokai Battle


Platform: Nintendo Switch [JaJaMaru Legendary Ninja Collection]
2 Players
Co-op, Single Screen
Rating:? (Single) ★★★☆ (Multi)
Developer: City Connection
Publisher: ININ
Genre: Action, Platformer
Released: 11/05/2022

Ninja JaJaMaru: The Great Yokai Battle +Hell is the must-have for everyone who loves the iconic Jump & Run franchise or wants to dive into it for the first time ever. This newest game introduces new controls and gameplay mechanics to the series. JaJaMaru and friends will face against the largest yo-kai army invasion in history! There are more than 20 playable characters with various abilities, including returning yokai from the series plus the newly debuting JaJaMaru family and more. By collecting the "Golden Beads" and "Souls" that drop from defeated enemies, you can unlock new playable characters. There is also support for single-screen local two-player multiplayer.



Included Media: None
Added: 2023-03-26
Region: Europe
Resolutions: 240p

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