Neo Turf Masters


Platform: Neo Geo [Humble Store]
2 Players
Competative, Alternating
Rating:★★★★ (Single) ★★★★ (Multi)
Developer: Nazca Corporation
Publisher: SNK
Genre: Sports
Released: 1996
Country of Origin: Japan

Neo Turf Masters is a golf game that offers play in three different countries. You can play in the US, Germany, and Japan. There are 18 holes per course, just like in real life, which totals to 54 holes. The game features a two-player versus mode and three single player modes. You can choose from one of six different characters, who each have their own strengths and weaknesses. Like many other golf games, you use an accurate click type of play, where you click in an overhead map where you want to hit the ball, then adjust hook, slice, and power. In Versus mode, you can earn "super-clubs" that can only be used once. These can also be traded between friends.



Included Media: None
Rating: Everyone
Added: 2015-12-08
Region: Universal
Resolutions: 240p
Save Method: None

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