Platform: Oculus Quest [Oculus Store]
1 Player
Dev/Pub: Cyan
Genre: Adventure
Released: 10/12/2020
Country of Origin: USA

Welcome to Myst: a starkly beautiful island, eerily tinged with mystery and shrouded in intrigue.

Journey to Myst Island and other stunning, long dormant locations - called “Ages”- and begin to unravel the mystery you have been thrust into. As you learn what happened on the island, you will find that you are playing a key role in an epic story whose ending has not yet been written. Explore deeper connections in these stunning and surreal Ages, uncover a story of ruthless family betrayal, and make choices that will affect both you, and the world of Myst itself.

Cyan, the indie studio that created the beloved classic, has reimagined Myst.

Built from the ground up to play in VR, Myst is teeming with new art, new sound, re-imagined interactions, and even optional puzzle randomization. Finally... the highly anticipated Myst VR experience has arrived!



Included Media: None
Rating: Everyone
Series: Myst
Added: 2023-09-03
Region: Universal
Resolutions: 1832x1920x2
Save Method: System

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