Momodora Reverie Under the Moonlight


Platform: Linux 4.x [GOG]
1 Player
Developer: Bombservice
Publisher: Playism
Genre: Action, Platformer, Adventure
Released: 04/03/2016
Country of Origin: Brazil

Momodora: Reverie Under the Moonlight explores a cursed land in decline. Evil spreads, the dead rise, and corruption reigns. Hope is but a faded memory for all but one, a priestess named Kaho from the village of Lun. An audience with her majesty, the queen, would surely save the land--but time is short and each night darker than the last.

Reverie Under the Moonlight is the fourth entry in the Momodora series, a side-scrolling platformer focused on action gameplay, with melee combos, dodge mechanics and a plethora of items and spells to unleash upon your enemies. Play casually for the rich setting and mysterious story or crank up the difficulty to run your reflexes through a truly brutal gauntlet.



Included Media: None
Rating: Teen
Series: Momodora
Added: 2021-01-31
Region: Universal
Resolutions: 320x240
Hardware Support: XInput Joystick
Save Method: System

To fix problems with newer Linux installs, delete bundled copies of libstdc++ and libgcc_s.

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