Mega Man Legacy Collection 2


Platform: PlayStation 4 [Bookcase]
1 Player
Developer: Bullets
Publisher: Capcom
Genre: Action, Compilation, Platformer
Released: 08/08/2017
Country of Origin: Japan

The Blue Bomber is back in this second collection of classic Capcom titles! Featuring faithful reproductions of Mega Man 7, 8, 9, & 10, this collection spans the iconic series' evolution and retro revolution. Take on the nefarious Dr. Wily and his diverse Robot Masters in these timeless 8-bit, 16-bit, and 32-bit adventures!

Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 is bursting with additional content, from time trials and remix challenges with online leaderboards, to a music player and an extensive gallery of rare illustrations. Also included are the additional modes originally released as DLC for Mega Man 9 and 10, featuring extra stages and playable characters. For anyone who wants a little extra help with these challenging classic platformers, you now have the option to reduce the amount of damage received.



Included Media: Box
Rating: Everyone 10+
Series: Mega Man
Added: 2019-11-24
Region: North America
Resolutions: 1920x1080, 1280x720
Save Method: System

Play Status/History

Progress: Incomplete
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Games Included

Mega Man 7 (Mega Man Legacy Collection 2)
Mega Man 8 (Mega Man Legacy Collection 2)
Mega Man 9 (Mega Man Legacy Collection 2)
Inti Creates
Mega Man 10 (Mega Man Legacy Collection 2)
Inti Creates