Platform: Linux 4.x [Steam]
4 Players
Single Screen, Competative
Rating:? (Single) ★★★★ (Multi)
Dev/Pub: Powerhoof
Genre: Action, RPG
Released: 11/04/2017
Country of Origin: Australia

Crawl is the dungeon crawler where your friends control the monsters! Battle through randomly generated dungeons full of cruel traps and horrid beasts- all controlled by the other players. If a friend kills you they take your place and it's their turn to crawl! It's a race to gain enough XP and loot to face them all as they control the flailing limbs of the hulking final boss!



Included Media: None
Rating: Teen
Added: 2020-01-18
Region: Universal
Resolutions: Any
Hardware Support: XInput Joystick, PS4 Gamepad (Linux)
Save Method: System

Play Status/History

Progress: Incomplete
Queue: Multiplayer