Platform: Nintendo Switch [Bookcase]
1 Player
Developer: Sunhead Games
Publisher: Humble Games
Genre: Adventure
Released: 26/10/2020
Country of Origin: Taiwan

Carto is a charming adventure game wrapped around a unique, world-altering puzzle mechanic. Use this power to explore mysterious lands, help a quirky cast of characters, and guide Carto on her journey back to her family.

Separated from her Granny during a storm, young Carto must use her innate cartography powers to map and manipulate the world around her on her quest to be reunited. As she discovers new “pieces” of the game map, players can rearrange them to shape the levels themselves - unlocking new paths, puzzles, and story moments.

Carto will traverse strange new lands, learn their cultures, and enlist the help of new friends along the way in this hand-crafted adventure.



Included Media: Box
Rating: Everyone
Added: 2021-07-11
Region: Universal
Serial: 8BIT-1649-N2
Resolutions: 1280x720, 1920x1080
Save Method: System

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