Blade Master


Platform: Windows 6.x (Vista-7) [Irem Arcade Hits]
2 Players
Co-op, Single Screen
Rating:★★★ (Single) ★★★★ (Multi)
Developer: Irem
Publisher: Dotemu
Genre: Beat'em Up
Released: 1991

Blade Master is a 2D side-scrolling beat 'em-up game that puts players in the shoes of either the twin swordsman Roy or the spearman Arnold. The people are threatened by the King of Darkness and his phantom army, and the only one who knows the spell to lock him away is Arnold's sister, Princess Emina. She however is kidnapped by the phantom army, and now Arnold and Roy have to fight their way through the king's minions to save her.

You fight various fantasy themed enemies and bosses, and along the way health can be replenished by consuming water of life found in destroyable jars. Gold statues, crowns and crystals can also be found in these jars witch increase your score by 5000, 3000 and 1000 points. In one of the stages you stand on a flying creature and have to battle flying enemies. The game has a total of seven stages and can be played solo or with a friend.



Included Media: None
Added: 2018-07-01
Region: North America
Resolutions: 240p

Play Status/History

Progress: Incomplete
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