Azure Striker Gunvolt 2


Platform: Nintendo 3DS [Nintendo eShop]
1 Player
Developer: Inticreates
Publisher: IntiCreates
Genre: Platformer, Shooter
Released: 25/08/2016
Country of Origin: Japan

The gameplay is directly based on the one in the original game. The main character, Gunvolt, controls nearly identically as in Azure Striker Gunvolt, using a gun to lock onto enemies and then using his electric field in order to attack them. The game, however, now adds the option to play as Copen, a character that played a major role in the previous game. He has an entirely different control scheme, now focusing on his dash attack, which is used to lock onto enemies, then using a gun to attack them. He can also use powers from defeated bosses, similar to the Mega Man franchise.



Included Media: None
Rating: Everyone 10+
Series: Azure Striker Gunvolt
Added: 2016-12-30
Region: North America
Resolutions: 800x240+320x240
Hardware Support: 3D Display, Touchscreen
Save Method: System

Play Status/History

Progress: Fully Completed
Queue: Not Interested
Myself from 27/12/2016 to 23/01/2017