Door Kickers


Platform: Linux 3.x [Humble Store]
1 Player
Dev/Pub: KillHouse Games
Genre: Strategy
Released: 20/10/2014
Country of Origin: Romania

Door Kickers is a tactical real-time strategy game about interventions with a SWAT team. The player commands different SWAT members in short missions where they need to infiltrate buildings to rescue hostages, eliminate hostiles, defuse explosives, escort people and retrieve items. There is a selection of missions created by the developer, also offered as different campaigns, next to custom games and scenarios designed by other players. Modifications are also supported. Through the chosen breach strategy, the reaction of the AI and splitting up the team, no session is entirely identical.

Multiple troopers need to be commanded at once. They can be deployed at different positions and the player needs to plan routes and choose the equipment for the five trooper types (assaulter, breacher, pointman, shield and stealth). The game is played in real-time, but there is a free pause option to halt the gameplay and plan further actions. The location is initially shrouded and only uncovered when troopers enter the room. They also use a line of sight. Some of the actions are performed automatically, such as moving through doors and engaging hostiles. The player draws the paths, determines the viewing direction and it is also possible to make them strafe. Complex, simultaneous actions can be stored under one of four letters and are then only performed when the player activates them.

Different breaching strategies can be used such as a spy camera to assess the situation, a charge, or simply kicking in the door. Each soldier has different statistics such as health, markmanship, assault shooting and field skills. Equipment includes a primary and a secondary weapon, armor, support gear and items in a utility pouch. These can also affect mobility. Different items can be equipped, such as flashbangs, grenades, a lockpick machine, a dynamic hammer, a bolt cutter or a tazer. Not all of these are available right away, they need to be unlocked by spending yellow stars earned by completing missions.

For Windows, Linux, OSX and Android



Included Media: None
Rating: Teen
Added: 2018-04-07
Region: Universal
Resolutions: Any
Save Method: System

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